11/5/17 - Here's a new demo called Adding Up The Losses. 


10/07/17- Below is a clip of a new song called Sunspot. It's only guitars and drums so far. It's a pretty straight forward head bobbin toe tappin kind of a song with an edge. We'd love to know what you think. Drop us a line and let us know if we should keep it or kill it



We also have been working hard on another new song called Goddamn Depression. Below is a little taste of the song. This is a heavy song with a bunch of parts.  Lots of cool stuff in this one. We're really excited to finish it. The live band has been back together since may of this year. The current line up is Dave Chisholm on guitar, John Mosco on guitar and lead vocals, Eric Bergmann on bass guitar although we haven't had a chance to rehearse with him yet and on drums we have a new addition to the band. Anthony Coppola formerly from the band Long Gone Day is now playing drums with us.


3/15/17- The lost get lonely while the lonely get lost. The future fades as they swim in the loss. Anxiety, depression hang overhead, like a dark black cloud drenching the dead. Skin is torn, the hearts exposed. nothing to show but blood and bone. Emotionless, cold weak and decayed. Defeated and lifeless dead in the cage. Tweet tweet.

8/19/16 - Still alive and kicking. Having a hard time financing the rest of the mixing for the new ep. We are most likely going to finish it up on our own once we can find some time. Time has been very hard to come by lately. I am working on some lyrics for new songs that I might post as well as the lyrics to our past 2 cds. That's all for now. stay tuned for more updates. -John-

3/27/16 - check out the new blog post.


5/23/15 - Started working on a new song called Stupid Dog. Check it out here.


05/22/15 - a deluxe version of both SMD albums are now available for download on bandcamp.com! Sink Or Swim is available for $7. Besides getting the 12 song album you will also receive the original demo of Raise the Dead, Underwater and Sink Or Swim. They were originally recorded on keyboards so they sound drastically different than what ended up on the actually cd. A New Skin is available for $4. This will give you all 6 songs on the album plus the official video for the song A New Skin and talking to a Deadman. Also included is the original promo poster for the cd. Check it all out here 

11/8/14 - I can't believe it's been over a month since updating this page! Funds for recording have just about dried up but there is still a lot of work to do. We just received some money from downloads and streams that will get us 4 more hours in the studio. Hopefully we will get back in the studio this month. Thinking about launching another rockethub campaign to raise some more money. We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, please head on over to our store and purchase a song or two. Every penny goes towards studio time. Thanks!

9/27/14 - Had a really productive session at the studio Wednesday night. We continued to mix Burned. We tweaked levels and effects and I have to say, it sounds awesome! Looking to head back in 2 weeks to tie up a few loose ends and then all we need are guitar solos.

9/20/14 - Finally getting back to the studio this coming Wednesday. Probably going to continue working on mixing Burned. We're hoping to have a single released by the end of October. If you want to hear a demo of the new song Soul Murder or want to hear a really old unreleased song check out our latest blog update here.

9/13/14 - Check out our latest recording update here.

8/31/14 - Have a happy and safe holiday! We should be getting back in the studio in the next 2 weeks or so to continue working on the ep. Check back for updates. Be safe.

7/26/14 Our song A New Skin was recently played on the podcast Ghost of Raydio last Friday. There's a lot of cool music and bands worth checking out. Give it a listen here.

 7/3/14 - Need some solid hard rock to get you through the holiday weekend? Download our albums from cdbaby for under $5 each! We're practically giving them away!! Check out our Cd Baby store.



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