Video premiere on youtube 9/23/19 at 8:30pm local time for our video of the new song High Tide!

Our first show in 11 years!!

It's been a while since I last updated this site. Since the last post we welcomed our new bass player Jay into the band. Jay is also in a cover band called Guy Smiley. We have a handful of new songs and ideas we are working on. you can check out our youtube page to see what we're working on. Our new single I can't Complain is currently on 5 different top 10 charts on and currently #10 on the top ten rock chart on I'm going to try getting some video footage of us rehearsing some of the new songs in the next week or two so check back for updates. That's all for now. Talk to you all soon!!

We're very excited to announce the release of our new single I Can't Complain! 

What You Never Had- Live and Acoustic July 2018

Hello everyone!!!!

John from Sixty here. I'm working on updating the site so I wanted to take a moment to send some updates your way. I would like to officially announce the addition of our new drummer Anthony Coppola. Anthony was in a really awesome NJ band called Long Gone Day. I called him up one day to see if he would be up for sitting in on drums so we could play a one off show. We hadn't played live in almost 10 years and I figured it would be fun to play one show just for fun. When I reached out to him he said he had parted ways with his band a while back. We got together and jammed with Dave and everything felt great. Since then we have been rehearsing and writing new songs. Instead of a one off show it looks like we are going to be back in action again. We have some really cool new songs we are working on and we are also busy rehearsing a set list for a show that will hopefully be happening late summer/early fall. also added a video of our song Light Up Ahead that will be on our new ep. You can see it here. I'm going to be making more changes to the site so check back soon for updates. Thanks!!  -JOHN-

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High Tide Video Premiere 09/23/2019

What You Never Had live and unplugged 2018

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