Happy new year everyone! Well another year has come and gone and the new ep is still a work in progress. The situation hasn't changed all that much. Money is pretty much non existent at this point in time. I am thinking about starting another crowd funding campaign to raise money to finish the ep but I am very hesitant to do so. I feel really bad because I originally launched a campaign in 2010 with the plan of getting the ep done in a year. The campaign ended and I believe we raised half of what we were trying to raise. We began working with the money we already had along with what we raised through the kickstarter campaign. Then the roller coaster ride began. Deaths, births and all sorts of personal things happened and getting the project done became very slow. I feel terrible that some of our good friends, fans and family members helped fund the project and we have yet to deliver. Everything promised in the campaign is still going to happen. I just can't seem to get this project going at a steady pace. I promise you IT WILL HAPPEN. We have worked way too hard to walk away from some of what I feel are the best 4 songs we have recorded. I also have a shitload of songs I still want to record. I also need to get back on a stage before I lose my mind. I swear I have at least 2-3 dreams every week about being on stage.

What do you guys think? Should we try another crowd funding campaign?

Here's another demo of a song called Sinking Ship. This is one I'd love to record sometime. Hope you like it.

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