Sink Or Swim

by Sixty Miles Down

Released 2002
Falloupe Records
Released 2002
Falloupe Records
Plenty of bottom-tuned guitars and distortion, tons of bass groove, and a vocalist who sounds like a less depressed Layne Staley - That's Sixty Miles Down in a musical nutshell.-Harvest Moon Music-
John Mosco - Vocals/drums
Pete Dobrzanski- Guitar
Goob - Bass Guitar
Andy Hurtt- Guitar
Chris -Drums

While Hip Hop floods the airwaves and Emo Bands trample through the tri-state area, northern New Jersey erupts with a dark and aggressive hard rock/heavy metal band called Sixty Miles Down.

Sixty Miles Down has consistently been compared to the likes of Alice in Chains, Godsmack, and COC, but their sound holds a style of its own. Strong ties to heavy metal bind the airtight quintet as they take audiences by storm with compelling vocals found amidst angry, gritty guitars and an electrifying rhythm section. Their consistent high-energy shows have left crowds stunned as they breathe new life into live performances. Sixty Miles Down reminds us all it's still okay to rock.

John Mosco founded the group and leads it with powerful, melodic vocals. Joining him are bassist Eric Bergmann, guitarists Roger Manzo and Dave Chisholm, and drummer Mauricio Kowalczuk. The band focuses on writing original metal and hard rock songs that are memorable and exciting, but still backed by complex rhythms and impressive musicianship.

Sixty Miles Down is featured on the soundtrack for the extreme snowmobile DVD, Thunderstruck III from Big Sky X-treme Productions, and the compilation More Music Volume 3 from Steppin' Out Magazine. Look for A New Skin, the highly anticipated follow up to their debut cd Sink or Swim, in 2005. Sixty Miles Down's electrifying performances will be sweeping through the Tri-State Area in the interim.

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