I've never been a big fan of letting people outside of the band hear demos of songs we are working on. Usually the sound quality isn't all that great, the mix isn't right, the drums aren't real or the song just isn't a complete song yet. I, on the other hand, love to hear demos from bands that I really like. I like to hear the imperfections on a work in progress. Since the recording of our new ep is going painfully slow I decided to say screw it and put up some unreleased stuff. As you may or may not know, one of the songs that will be on the new ep is a song called Soul Murder. I wrote and recorded the song back in 2010. It's sloppy but that's why it's a demo. I still have to come up with real lyrics for this one(grrr...). SOUL MURDER DEMO

As a bonus just for the hell of it, I am also sharing with you a song that we recorded somewhere around 2000-2001. This was a song written with v.1 of the band. It may have been recorded with the thought of putting it on our first cd, Sink Or Swim. If that's the case then I'm relieved that we didn't put it on. I remember that we were all excited about this song and we played it at every show when we first started playing out. Although it was a fun song to record and play live for a while I'm not surprised that it didn't last that long. This is a song called, "It's Always Hard( In The Morning)". Get your mind out of the gutter! It's not what you think!


Drums-Patrick Marri, Guitar-Andy Hurtt, Lead Guitar-Pete Dobrzanski, bass-Goob, Vocals-John Mosco

And please check out our other songs while you're here. All of our songs are available for streaming on the AUDIO page. You can purchase our music just about anywhere but if you want to get it really cheap go to our CD BABY page. You can download our first cd Sink Or Swim for only $4.99! That's 12 songs for under 5 bucks! Our 6 song ep A New Skin is also available there for only $2.50!

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