Burned is the story of someone being taken down a "forbidden road" of addiction. It's about how a drug can seem harmless and fun in the beginning but over time becomes a monster that consumes the addict and ruins his life. Here are the lyrics:


(J. Mosco)


I opened up and I let you in

You brought me down fast

You took me down a forbidden road

A road I should have passed

You left me here 

You robbed me of my life

Then you ran away

You took my heart and you took my head

You compromised my brain

I believed you were everything

Until everything changed

(You left me goddamn empty)

How can you start a life with me

Based on all your lies?

You twisted 'round my reality

To make me feel alive

I'm just stuck here

Denying that this all is even happenig

But when my head clears

I'll pray that you die each and every day


How can you live?

Live with yourself?

You know that I hurt

I'm broken and bleeding

I'm in pain

Oh and it feels like all walls are caving in

It feels like all walls are caving in (end chorus)

Half the man that I used to be

I'm crawling on my knees

Cold inside and glassy eyed

And too weak to break free

(Does this all make you happy?)

You conquered me and you moved along

Confident and unafraid

Leaving me with no memory 

Of who I used to be

I'm so sick 

I don't think that I'll ever be the same again

I feel so worthless

I wish I could go back and start again

(Repeat chorus)

I just can't take it nomore

You left me here

You robbed me of my life 

Then you ran away


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