The Fear Is Real Press Release

Sixty Miles Down Is Set To Detonate A Sonic Reckoning This Year – “The Fear Is Real” November 21st! 

After more than a year since the release of their last single, and crucial changes being made within their lineup – New Jersey’s heavy Rock specialists Sixty Miles Down knew they had to return with their most explosive and intense cut to-date to justify their time away, and give their fans what they truly deserve. 
So that’s exactly what they did. 
Officially being released worldwide online around the internet this November 21st, Sixty Miles Down makes their return with a brand-new track so scorching hot it’ll melt your freakin’ speakers – “The Fear Is Real.”  Tighter and louder the band has ever been, and ready to make their comeback monumentally memorable, “The Fear Is Real” savagely encourages listeners to live life like every minute could be their last…because with the way things have been going, none of us truly know when our time will run out.  Played with vicious energy that reflects their passion, commitment, and conviction – Sixty Miles Down is leading by example by putting every ounce of their energy into every ticking second of this sonic time-bomb, ensuring that their latest single burns its positive message straight into the skulls of all who listen. 
As they begin the process of putting the final touches on a wealth of new material set to be released next year, “The Fear Is Real” is like their own anthem for necessary change, and the fuel to their fire.  Designed to be every bit as jarring, inspirational, and motivating for listeners as it has been for them, join Sixty Miles Down this year for the release of “The Fear Is Real” as they speed towards the next chapter of their music, and most defining of their legacy, while thrilling every one of you in the process.

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