Silly Little Pessimist Update

Hey everyone. So the new single is mixed and mastered. It should  be available on all your favorite downloading and streaming platforms on June 23. We're hoping to have a video for the song ready for release on the same day. We've received some reviews of the song already. Here's what people are saying:

"This song sounds great!" - Raffaella from Lombardy, Italy

"It sounds like it belongs in a movie or tv series" - Jerrod from North Carolina

"The introduction is really mad! I love how good it is man"- King from Windhoek, Nambia

"Solid, excellent track"- Bamil from West New York

"Has a very dark Alice In Chains type feel" Brian from ??

"I completely love this song! It has all the making of a hit piece of music"- Piper from Los Angeles