High Tide

Sixty Miles Down

A hard rock band from NJ that has been compared by many to bands like Alice In Chains and Corrosion Of Conformity with a little Black Sabbath mixed in.

High Tide serves as a huge milestone for SMD. It's the first multi song release by the band since the release of their 2006 EP A New Skin. This release also introduces a brand new line up consisting of Anthony Coppola on drums, Jay Bachman on bass guitar, original member John Mosco on vocals and Dave Crum and Roger Manzo on guitar. Roger played on the New Skin CD and recently rejoined the band after leaving somewhere around 2012. The featured track is the new single High Tide, a straight ahead moving song about being stuck in physically abusive relationships. The next song is a remastered version of the 2018 single I Can't Complain. This one is an upbeat bluesy song that has some early Sabbath influence and some have even pointed to a little bit of a Thin Lizzy influence. In 2018 John Mosco and original guitarist and co- founder of the band Pete Dobrzanski hung out one night after not seeing each other for at least 10 years. After a few beers the two sat down with Pete on acoustic guitar and performed What You Never Had. The result was a very stripped down and heartfelt version of the song. The last song on the EP is a bonus track of the band rehearsing a new song called The Grey that has not been released yet as a studio recording ( a demo version can be found on the band's YouTube page).This is another straight ahead rocker about the empty feeling experienced when spending time away from the one's you love.

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