High Tide

Sixty Miles Down

A hard rock band from NJ that has been compared by many to bands like Alice In Chains and Corrosion Of Conformity with a little Black Sabbath mixed in.

High Tide serves as a huge milestone for SMD. It's the first multi song release by the band since the release of their 2006 EP A New Skin. This release also introduces a brand new line up consisting of Anthony Coppola on drums, Jay Bachman on bass guitar, original member John Mosco on vocals and Dave Crum and Roger Manzo on guitar. Roger played on the New Skin CD and recently rejoined the band after leaving somewhere around 2012. The featured track is the new single High Tide, a straight ahead moving song about being stuck in physically abusive relationships. The next song is a remastered version of the 2018 single I Can't Complain. This one is an upbeat bluesy song that has some early Sabbath influence and some have even pointed to a little bit of a Thin Lizzy influence. In 2018 John Mosco and original guitarist and co- founder of the band Pete Dobrzanski hung out one night after not seeing each other for at least 10 years. After a few beers the two sat down with Pete on acoustic guitar and performed What You Never Had. The result was a very stripped down and heartfelt version of the song. The last song on the EP is a bonus track of the band rehearsing a new song called The Grey that has not been released yet as a studio recording ( a demo version can be found on the band's YouTube page).This is another straight ahead rocker about the empty feeling experienced when spending time away from the one's you love.

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Sink Or Swim

Sixty Miles Down

Plenty of bottom-tuned guitars and distortion, tons of bass groove, and a vocalist who sounds like a less depressed Layne Staley - That's Sixty Miles Down in a musical nutshell.-Harvest Moon Music-

John Mosco - Vocals/drums Pete Dobrzanski- Guitar Goob - Bass Guitar Andy Hurtt- Guitar Chris -Drums

While Hip Hop floods the airwaves and Emo Bands trample through the tri-state area, northern New Jersey erupts with a dark and aggressive hard rock/heavy metal band called Sixty Miles Down.

Sixty Miles Down has consistently been compared to the likes of Alice in Chains, Godsmack, and COC, but their sound holds a style of its own. Strong ties to heavy metal bind the airtight quintet as they take audiences by storm with compelling vocals found amidst angry, gritty guitars and an electrifying rhythm section. Their consistent high-energy shows have left crowds stunned as they breathe new life into live performances. Sixty Miles Down reminds us all it's still okay to rock.

John Mosco founded the group and leads it with powerful, melodic vocals. Joining him are bassist Eric Bergmann, guitarists Roger Manzo and Dave Chisholm, and drummer Mauricio Kowalczuk. The band focuses on writing original metal and hard rock songs that are memorable and exciting, but still backed by complex rhythms and impressive musicianship.

Sixty Miles Down is featured on the soundtrack for the extreme snowmobile DVD, Thunderstruck III from Big Sky X-treme Productions, and the compilation More Music Volume 3 from Steppin' Out Magazine. Look for A New Skin, the highly anticipated follow up to their debut cd Sink or Swim, in 2005. Sixty Miles Down's electrifying performances will be sweeping through the Tri-State Area in the interim.

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A New Skin

Sixty Miles Down

If you like bands like Alice in Chains, Soil, and Drowning Pool.,you will definitely want to check out this dark, melodic,hard rock band from New Jersey.

----------REVIEW FOR"A NEW SKIN"---------- Review by Ben Faresich from northeastintune.com 2/2006

This March, New Jersey based band, Sixty Miles Down will release their latest effort, an EP entitled, “A New Skin”. The album’s moniker is the same as the title track, but it’s also quite an apt name, for a few reasons. It’s been almost four years since Sixty Miles Down released their debut album, “Sink or Swim.” A lot has happened in that span of time, not the least of which is an almost complete transformation of the line-up. In fact, the only original member that remains is singer/founder John Mosco. Replacing the other four members of the band are Roger Manzo(guitar), Jeff mayer (guitar), Chris Delli Santi(drums), and Goob(bass). And a talented group they are. Upon listening to the new material, it becomes obvious that Mosco went to great lengths to make sure that he found the right pieces to complete this puzzle. Then there’s the music itself. While “Sink or Swim” was a great debut that created a good amount of buzz for the band, “A New Skin” seems to bring Sixty Miles Down to the next level, without losing any of the positive qualities that were previously established. Mosco still has one of the best and most unique voices that you’ll hear in today’s modern rock. He uses his talent wisely, with catchy melodies and hooks that can get stuck in your head for days. His lyrics are also a breath of fresh air from some of the fluff that seems to be plaguing many major radio stations. But the big question for fans of their debut release would have to be, how does the new band hold up? Not to worry, the chemistry between this group is flawless. It’s hard to imagine that these guys weren’t all playing together a few years ago, when the group was formed. On a technical level, one would be hard-pressed to find any weaknesses in their musicianship. What they bring with their new material is a bit more of a gritty, hard-edged sound that still maintains the technical prowess that fans of “Sink or Swim” have become accustomed to. The result is tracks like “Virus” and “A New Skin,” that are heavy, but at the same time very catchy and inventive. These guys don’t sacrifice creativity in order to achieve the deep and powerful sound that they’ve developed. And I choose that word “developed” intentionally, because this release marks a new plateau in Sixty Miles Down’s sound. They’ve always been difficult to compare to other bands, but it seems that with “A New Skin” they’ve really come a long way in breaking away from the crowd and creating their own musical identity.

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High Tide Video Premiere 09/23/2019

What You Never Had live and unplugged 2018

A New Skin (official video)

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