A Roller Coaster Of A Week 

Here we are. It's Wednesday and our first live performance in 3 years is in 2 days at Dingbatz. It really IS hard to believe that it's been that long. We have been rehearsing long and hard to get everything tight and I have to say that I feel really lucky to have the guys that I have with me in this band. They have been working so hard outside of rehearsals working on the songs and getting everything solid for Friday. 

We almost had to bail on the show. ALMOST. I felt a little funny on Thursday last week. Friday night I felt like my ears were on fire and felt a little feverish. I decided to take a covid test and couldn't believe that I got a positive result. At that point in time my throat felt a little scratchy and I had a stuffy nose, and I could feel a little congestion setting in. My singing voice also left the building. Fortunately, though, my fever was gone Sunday morning and I started to come out of it pretty quick. I tested negative yesterday and today and all of my symptoms are gone. I think my voice is back and unpacking its bags from the little vacation it took. We didn't get to rehearse in the studio this week, but I feel good about Friday. I might not sound perfect but hey, it's rock and roll. 

I'm really looking forward to hopefully seeing some friendly faces on Friday that we haven't seen in a while and checking out the other awesome bands we're playing with. Black Market Rebels, Love's Over-Rated and Pyramada. We're going to have some cool merch with us and we will be trying out a new cover song that came together really quick. It's actually kind of a cover of a famous cover of a popular song from 1967. There's your hint. That's all you get.

Anyway, We really hope you can make it to the show on Friday. Good music, good friends and a good time is what it's all about!


Things Are Looking Good  

Hey everyone. John Here. First off, I want to say thanks for stopping by. We have a lot of really cool stuff in the works. The live band is finally back together and we already have a show booked in September. Things are moving really fast! The new single She Burns is getting so much love, it incredible! The lyric video has gotten a lot of views and likes and we just filmed the official video which will be out sometime in August. Work on the new full-length album is going great. It's looking like it's going to be 8-10 songs. Pretty heavy for the most part. Leave a comment below and say hi.  We would absolutely love to hear from you.